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This is for those, however many or however few, who have the courage to and a wish or need to understand what you are, what this life and death is, and how it is things happen the way that they do; as unadorned and to the point as possible, and without appealing to your emotion. This is not a religious theory, nor philosophical theory nor any cultural’s perspective. This is simply the way that it is. Best of all, this truth can be seen by every sincere human being who is willing to look inside and follow the natural laws. However, if everything is influenced by culture  including our thinking and perceptions, then how can we possibly see the truth?  Moreover, since our culture influences everything we think, how can we possibly even "see" the truth beyond what our own culture  and language allows to express. After all, when we think ,we think in words. To add to it, with so many versions of "this is the only truth" out  there, How can you possibly see the truth for  yourself?

This is especially for the very young who are growing and becomong aware in a completely insane and dangerous human world; those for whom the stories of the judeo-christian tradition are no more real or meaningful than any of the other super-hero tales seen in the  popular media and who have have no rationale , knowledge, or understanding to turn to.  The question naturally arises in young minds of why or why not do, or don't do anything. Those who are awakening to a human world in which nothing is to be believed; not the so-callednews,  goverment, nor religion because just about everything is a scam for sake of money and/or power.This breeds depression and the question'what for'. Yet, they desperately want to and need to change the world culture if humanity is to survive for a while longer.

Also, this is a time of transition for human consciousness. Human consciousness as a collective  single entity goes through the same cycles as an individual person. When our culture first began, this cycle of human consciousnss was in its infancy. As with any  infant there was a need for an all powerfull daddy to protect us. Thus, the one all-powerfull god. By the early middle ages when Christianity was spread over Europe we were in the magical adolescent  time  of knights in shining armor championing the princess , kings, queens,  kingdoms, lords and servants. Thus the king and queen of heaven, the kingdom of heaven, and serving your lord. We are now entering adult-hood. The adolescent , midieval model is a thing of the past. There is no longer a need for mom and  dad  to serve, to please, and to watch over us. Now we need to step out on our own while taking responsibility  for humanity's postion on earth as well as for our  individual selves.

All concerned , know this; although the individual problems might be complex, the cause of the human plight and consequently all  of the that it has caused to all of life, including the earth herself, has only one root-cause. The cause is that humanity,as a whole, has been cut off from the root of life itself.  As with any flower cut off from it's root, it withers and  dies. We have been cut off for a thousand years when the knowlege of our connection with  life was cut off. Each of us has the power to acquire and live by this knowledge. Doing so only requires sincerity, an ability to know the facts, to trust in your own reason, and to persevere in your search for truth. At the same time, it is the way to becoming the you that you would like to be.
Knowing that what you are about to explore is true is going to depend on your ability to trust yourself! Can you accept and believe what you see what you hear, what you smell , what you taste, what y ou think ? Can you believe in your own ability to make sense ?  If you can believe in yourself then you can see what truth is and what is truth. The same method of solid data (demonstrable facts), logical reasoning are required by valid scientific study , and  your every day experience of yourself and of reality will be the basis of your knowing.  This rational explanation of human life for those  who have the courage  and wish or need to understand what you are and what you are doing here. 
Why not  trust in your own ability to make sense ?  If you can believe in yourself rather than someone or something else, then you can  gain knowledge of the truth. Look, in every way possible, scientific  findings  (to which we entrust our lives) require solid data  and comletely logical reasoning.  Why not use the same approach in gaining knowledge of existence? Why not believe in what you can see with your own mind .  The judeo -Christian tradition teaches that the purpose of life is to please God (or be punished) and at the same time calls the meaning of life "the age old question'. Which is it? Why not give some credence to what the traditions of humanity have been saying for thousands of years before we became so self-contradictory? 
Thoughts By Jack Mac


                       A Rational Explanation of Existence

Let's begin here:   when we think ,we think in words. That is why some cultures can express things which others can’t. Each language has its own limitations of mind inherent in its structure and attitude. There are cultural imperatives and psychological rules built into our very language; after all ,when we reason things out you reason them out in language. This can program our minds into believing that certain things are true even though there is no evidence, even though it makes no sense, even though there is no logical or realistic grounds for such beliefs. And we can not see beyond our own programming unless we have the courage to see how our thinking matches the workings of real life. Not to mention, if someone were to explain all of life; the monumental question would be where to even begin. Fortunately for us, our great question has been addressed many, many times all over the world and through innumerable cultures and times. Since humanity first appeared on this planet, the guardians of wisdom the have been trying to the pass down the one message that really matters; what is this life all about and where did it come from. And they all the begin at the same place.


The Universal Message
The most widely read spiritual Scripture the world over is the Christian Bible. The second most widely read spiritual Scripture the world over is the Chinese Tao Te Ching which translates to The Virtuous Way. The oldest complete written spiritual Scripture in the world are the Hindu Upanishads from ancient India . Then there is Buddhism which predates Christianity by 500 years. And there are countless legends in teaching of indigenous people all over the world from the aborigines of Australia to the many native peoples of the Americas. Let’s hold these truths to be self-evident : that the wise ones of the earth from all times and all cultures have been trying to pass down the wisdom of the age old human question " what is this world , and what is the point of living " ; that they had enough wisdom not to be concerned with the ever-changing cultures and conditions of life.

If what is being addressed is the truth of human existence than geographic location or time location should not matter as long as human being is human being . they are not history lessons and were never meant to be until corrupted a much later after the original writing. The very definition of spiritual writing means addressing something more permanent than greater than the ever-changing hustle and bustle of everyday life. and this is the one question which they knew is not only an intrinsic part of a human being soul and is necessary ( believe it or not )for physical survival not only of human beings , for all of life and for the existence of the planet herself .

Besides, we can see by common sense alone (if not intellect) , that if all of the above are efforts of the wisest of human beings to pass on resolution of the age-old human questions ""What is this world and what is the point of living ". What else would seem so important to pass on then the understanding of life. These writings are from all over the world and span thousands of years. if there is one unchanging truth of human being and the wise ones’ perceptions are true, they would all be saying the same thing. That’s why every true scripture is written in the present and must be read in the present because the point is to address the ever-present, unchanging truth of human life ; yours and mine. So are they all different or are they the same ? Let’s see.
Let’s look at humanity’s oldest and most lasting , passed on through the ages, words of wisdom. Further, let’s hold these truths to be self-evident : that the wise ones of the earth from all times and all cultures have been trying to pass down the wisdom of the age old human question " what is this world , and what is the point of living "; that they had enough wisdom not to be concerned with the ever-changing cultures and conditions of life but with the unchanging human truth.

The most widely read spiritual Scripture the world over is the Christian Bible. The very first lines of the Old Testament Bible (Torah) correctly translated reads:
"Reality: to begin with (In the first place) this world and the cosmos are made-up (fantasized). The Appearance of the Essence of the Supreme is devoid of light, empty, and without substance.

The second most widely read spiritual Scripture the world over is the Chinese Tao Te Ching which translates to The Virtuous Way. The Tao Te Ching reads;
" The Supreme that can be spoken of is not the eternal Supreme. the Nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth darkness within darkness the gate to all mystery. And later, "Being is born from non-being".

Then there is Buddhism which predates Christianity by 500 years. In Buddhism, the emptiness of creation is a basic tenants of Buddhist Scripture . The Heart Scripture reads;"substance is originally Emptiness, Emptiness is substance."
The oldest complete written spiritual Scripture in the world are the Hindu Upanishads from ancient India . The Hindu Scripture (Vedas) reads: "The bond of being is in non- being"…" neither non-existence nor existence"
Feb 19, 2015 - Lesson
l                                                                                       Religion, Science and Truth

For those who would know the truth of life, we live in a most fortunate time.  If we had this conversation less than 100 years ago , which is a very short time in the life of a culture, this  universal message from  wordwide places and ages could never have been understood ; not  culturally, certainly not experiencially and not scientifically.  In no way could  it make any sense that  there is nothing here -  that all is void. Now , all that has changed.

We, as a culture, are witnessing  the results of over 500 years of  cultural effort. During the late 1500's the despotic and absolute rule of the  Holy Roman Church/Empire collapsed.  Those investigators like Galileo were no longer imprisoned for saying that the earrth was round and not flat. For the first time in centuries scientists, thinkers and even the common people  were free to discover or re-discover truth as they saw fit.  Naturally then scientists and others , in the name of humanity, asked of course the same  questions as addressed above by the  ancient spiritual traditions  simply because these are the bottom line questions of life  ...  What is all of this (the world) and how does it work?

During the 1600's science began to formulate itself establishing principles of unbiased and valid research. In the 1700's Newton established the priciples of the calculus making possible mathematical calcutions which were heretofore  not possible and science  was developing quickly. During the 1800's  electricity, the very begining of electronics and the discovery of radiation and x-rays  led to the discovery of little round balls which were declared to be  the  most basic builidng blocks of the universe . They were named 'atoms' after the Greek word meaning the smallest possible particle. So far it all made sense; reality composed of these tiny particles. However, science being science could not stop here as by it's very nature, it cannot stop anywhere.  The next question is obvious  ...  what are thse atoms made of ?  With the advent of electron microscopes and other more  sophisticated  insruments it was  possible to see inside the atom and what a surprise.  Then, in the 1900' s the atom was found not to be solid at all. They found that atoms are composed of a nucleus in the center and  electrons  orbiting around the periphery. In fact, atoms are something like 99% empty space.  If an atom was expanded to a size large enough to hold the vatican, the nucleus would be no bigger than a baseball, and the circling electrons  no bigger than golf balls.That by itself would be  enough for our understanding;    How do we get a so-called solid world from 99% empty space  and why is this begining  to  be  so reminiscent  of the ancient teaching that all is void.  

Yet from  theoretical   physics  comes even more, the famous Einstein ffrom the viewpoint  of mathematical (theoretical) physics
establishes  a crucial priciple  of physics -and reality- that matter  and energy are  interchangable, that is, that matter and energy are essentially the same. One can be changed into the other.Matter  (the physical) is  a sort of frozen energy.  And  (the key point for  physics' own predicament)  that matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Still, it goes on even further. If the question to be answered is where is all of this from, scientists  must then address the question of what are these neutrons and electrons  composed  which form the atoms which form our universe. This endeavor brought us to the discovry of things like quarks (essentially  pulses of energy) and strings of energy which form the  neutrons and electrons whic copose the atoms which compose our universe. From a spiritual perspective  a so called "mystical truth"  is now recognized  by hard, provable science. In the life of a culture, this is a momentous step... the universe is composed of energy! AS a matter of fact physicists measure  "matter" in measurements of elecron volts that is  not in terms of weight or height or breath but in terms of units of energy!

Let's slow way down for a moment to consider what this really means. It meaans from both spiritual and scientific  points of view, your whole world incuding your own body have no real physical existence ... all is composed of nothing more substantial than charges of energy. Get it? (not for the feint of heart)  You exist as a part of a three dimentional hologram  composed of nothing more than electrical charges .   Thanks to language provided by scientific advancement, we can see it as a hologram or in the best descriptive words of the time we can grasp it in  Shakespeare's words  "Life is but a dream. It is made of the same stuff of which dreams are made ".  That brings us then to the grand question of who is the dreamer?  Or, if you like the folk wisdom of a past age:   Row,row,row your boat
                                                Gently down the stream  (of life)
                                                Merrily, merrily, merrily
                                                Life is just a dream  (of Life).


The  point of no return 

Nevertheless science (cosmology) must go on if the final question to be answered is  the final source then it must address what is the source of this energy  -these electrical impulses- which make our hologram.   In doing so, science religion and truth have come  not only face to face, but nose to nose and point of the nose to point of the nose and this point we call "the big bang". This is the point which science by it's inherent nature cannot cross over and religion has forgotten how to cross over:

Physics trying to determine the origin of the universe is a dog chasing its tail.i.e., it is not possible to get it because physics by its inherent structure has an unsurmountable problem. As mentioned above, a cardinal rule of physics is that neither matter nor energy can be created nor destroyed. In other words, everything must have a cause; nothing can appear out of nowhere. If physics (cosmology) postulates the Big Bang, then necessesarily it must determine from where did the Big Bang come. In order to do that physics constructs the singularity which is an impossible point from which the Big Bang originated. Why impossible? This point must be infinitely dense and infinitely small.  Moreover, since the Big Bang is postulated to be the origin of time, space, energy and matter this singularity would have no time nor space in which to exist.

And that is not the worse problem.  If the singularity is postulated as the origin of the big bangi, since according to physics nothing can be created nor destroyed the next question must be where did the singularity come from and then where did that come from, and that come from, and that come from... on to an infinite , never-ending chain
of cause and effect. The ultimae fate of physicics following this path is to be lost in infinity! If on the other hand, physics one day decides to accept a final cause of the universe, it must accept a cause which has no cause. That is, something which is its own cause and which has existence as an inherent property. This path as well brings physics to be lost in infinity!  Either way, there is no escape.

Recently the renouned cosmologist, Stephan Hawking, proclaimed that there is no need to postulate a (external) god. He could very well be correct yet with one huge caviat; there is no need to postulate a (external ) god once there is something. Physics cannot account for creation (something from nothing). So his observation could be correct as long as we ignore the question of how anything appeared in the first place!

Religion, however, coming from the other direction, cannot cross that point of the big bang for other reasons. While science must be rooted in the observable (the here and now) religion is rooted in the unobservable (the other-wordly). For the most part. religion is rooted in infinity whether positive infinity (heaven) or negative infinity {hell). A great illustration comes from an account from the early 1700,s when a Spanish Jesuit went to live with a Native American tribe in the south west. He was to replace another Jesuit who had recently left the tribe. Upon arriving he was anxious to continue where the former priest left off. So at the first opportunity he approached the chief and asked what did he and his people think of the preceeding Jesuit's teaching about Jesus Christ. the chief replied, (paraphrased) 'Very interesting teaching; first he had to teach us about hell because until we belived in hell, he had nothing from which he could save us'. Just as physics  cannot handle infinity, the convoluted religious arguements of how evil exists in the world testify that religion cannot handle reality.

What would it be like if both religion and physics  could  cross this point of no return and  recognize one another?
Actually Science would be the least effected not much more than realising that it is inherently incapable of reaching "before existence". At least, no more capable than ordinary human mind. It is, afterall, science which  has brought us to the meaning of worldwide spiritual scriptures.  Most importantly and of the greatest import is that this revealing of creation came about through scientific investigation of reality as it exists. Very telling; most people see them as opposite   and aand yet the investigation of one leads to the other. From this comes the greatest blow the impact on other-worldly based religions and the culture which they govern.

Let's forget what we have been told to believe and look at this through the findings of Science, especially Physics, and through the light of our own (God given) human reasoning. The result is nothing less than a transformation of human consciousness; not a transformation to a futuristic mind-scape but a transformation back to what ancient scriptures have been trying to pass on to us for thousands of years.

The accepted Scientific theory is that the creation of the universe was ushered in by the appearance of the "Big Bang". From a burst of  this original, unfathomable energy appeared the energy which propells our universe as well as that portion of this energy which took the form of matter and consequently, by necessity, time and space. As the Book of Changes  (Tao Te Ching) reads; "From One comes two, from two then three, from three come the myriads of things". The implication of this  is what is earth-shaking to other-worldly based religions. This realisation is that the original Creative Energy does not create the universe as something outside Itself. Rather, the Original creative energy becomes the universe.  Moses asked  God"What are you? The response was "I am what is". It took us four thousand years to understand the import of this exchange. In creation there is no subject and object i.e. God and the world, there is only unity.  The Lotus Sutra reads; "The One is in the many, the many are the One". Then, there is no God to sit apart from the world and pass  judgement, for God would be judging Itself.  As with your vehicle; let's say you have a vehicle toget you around; then it requirres maintainance and care if it dooes not get pit it breaks down. There's no need for judgement, it's a mtter of natural cause and effect. The original Commandments become the very laws of nature. Also since everything you experience is the Creative Energy Itself, there is no need to go to a house of worship  to worship because  God is in and around you, including you. Worshiping the Creator means  treating everything in your life with respect , also including you. Committing an offense against God is not a matter of breaking a religious law, it is abusing any part of creation because there is the Creator Itself. Everyday actions such as keeping your car the best you can with the resources you have  become an act of Worship, managing your budget with care becomes a spiritual act. Worship then, is not something  to do once a week or on holidays, it  becomes the very  manner of living ordinary days.